• Storage & Warehousing

    Don't burden yourself with the costs involved in a long-term lease, warehouse employees, pallet-racking, forklifts and fuel, utility bills, zoning codes and restrictions, fire and theft prevention and all of the additional expenses required to bring your product to market.  We can do it for you! We provide racking, equipment, staff, electronic inventory, onsite work stations and internet access if your staff needs to work from our warehouse. We are conveniently located near interstate 44 and interstate 270, in St. Louis Missouri 63122.

    Our certified movers and experienced warehouse team will carefully pad wrap your belongings and put them into a private, secured storage vault at our 80,000 square foot warehouse for any length of time you wish.

    •Certified scale on site.
    •Clean, secure and gated parking lot.
    •Your valuables are protected by 24-hour security and fire systems; along with regular pest control.

    We also have record storage, crate storage, climate controlled areas and individual separated areas to accommodate your needs.

    Please contact Mike Ploesser at 314-822-4200 for a free quote.